KSCAN-Magic Upgrade Series, the cutting-edging composite 3D scanner that integrates infrared and blue lasers in one versatile instrument, caters to diverse applications. This composite 3D scanner boasts five standard operating modes: large-area scanning with parallel infrared lasers, ultra-fast scanning with blue laser crosses, hyperfine scanning with blue parallel lasers, deep-hole scanning with a single blue laser, and a built-in large-area photogrammetry system.

Our innovative 3D scanner series incorporates a multi-spectrum 3D scanning and calibration technique, combining exceptional efficiency and uncompromising accuracy. It features fast scanning speed, high accuracy, great detail capturing, large scanning area, and extended depth-of-field that greatly optimize the 3D measurement workflows and accelerate the product time-to-market.

Five Operating Modes

Built-in Large-area Photogrammetry

Multi-spectrum 3D Scanning

Scanning Rate up to 4,150,000 Measurements/s

Accuracy up to 0.020 mm

Depth of Field of 925 mm

Five Modes at Your Fingertips

KSCAN-Magic innovatively adopts large-area scanning powered by 11 infrared parallel laser lines. Its ultimate scanning area reaches 1440 mm × 860 mm, achieving wide-range measurement with ease.

Large-area Scanning

It can 3D scan with 17 blue laser crosses and capture up to 4,150,000 measurements per second, greatly improving work efficiency.

Ultra-fast Scanning

The built-in infrared photogrammetry system, with a shooting area of 3760 mm * 3150 mm, can efficiently reduce the accumulated errors caused by large-sized measurements, ensuring volumetric accuracy. It is especially suitable for scanning large-sized objects, and measuring efficiently without compromising on accuracy.

Metrology-grade NDT Measuring

Its scanning accuracy is of up to 0.020 mm, and its volumetric accuracy is 0.015 mm + 0.012 mm/m when paired with MSCAN-L15 photogrammetry system, which delivers ultra-high precision NDT for various industries.

Flexible Uses

KSCAN-Magic is lightweight and portable and can conduct 3D measurements anywhere and anytime regardless of vibrations, temperature, and humidity. Moreover, KSCAN-Magic is capable of 3D scanning various surfaces to capture precise 3D data, and it performs well even in 3D scanning reflective and black surfaces.

Massive Functions

Intelligent edge inspection

It boasts an optional module for intelligent edge inspection. With high-precision gray value measurement, users can inspect closed features precisely and obtain repeatable measurement results.

Intelligent edge inspection


Contact probing

It can be paired with a portable CMM K-Probe to probe inaccessible areas and complex parts, offering comprehensive and precise 3D solutions.

Contact probing

Pipe measurement

Thanks to KSCAN-Magic’s various operating modes, it is capable of 3D scanning pipes of different sizes and materials. When combined with optional software, it can conduct reverse engineering and inspection for pipes.

Pipe measurement

Automated 3D system

It can be paired with Scantech’s automated 3D inspection system, enabling effortless deployment and intelligent control to conduct automated batch inspections.

Automated 3D system


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