Metal products for aviation industry

In aviation program we manufacture turning work pieces and welded parts for gliders, for our partner DG Flugzeugbau from Germany, in line with Organizational manual of quality assurance in the metal parts for gliders production.

Turning work pieces are made from tempered steel on CNC lathe. Welded pieces are manufactured from precise seamless steel pipes, thickness from 0,5 to 3 mm thick sheet to 1-6 mm. We use two different types of quality pipes, E235 + C (ST35 BK) and WNr.1.7734.4. The quality of sheet metal is WNr.1.7734.4. We are welding with modern TIG equipment.

Company DG Flugzeugbau has a direct supervision over our work, on the basis of mutual agreement IAW 21A.133 (b) and (c).
We have obtained:

  • Approved welding procedures (WPAR) according to DIN EN ISO 15614-1 for airplane parts by the Institute of Welding Ljubljana.
  • Certificates of conformity welders according of ISO 24394 for parts for airplanes by the Institute of Welding Ljubljana.

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