Metal fireplaces and heaters

Company France Turbo, Ltd., with a 35-year tradition, has developed top-notch solid fuel stoves. They stand out due to a completely new combustion method and a unique design. All models are crafted from steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. The companies Kopt, Ltd., and France Turbo have been collaborating since 2003.

This year, we actively started participating in the production of fireplaces and stoves, as we manufactured various metal components for all the models that were part of the program at that time.

Today, we collaborate in the production of the Althesia and Idesia models, equipped with an external air supply and compliant with all low-energy buildings.


The operation mode is the same for all our models. The air that fuels combustion is naturally obtained through heat and pressure above the hearth. The air is always heated before combustion, preventing the ember from cooling, and the wood burns almost to dust. In our hearths, we do not use refractory bricks, which otherwise retain heat but impede heat radiation. This operation provides the following advantages:

  • excellent heating power;
  • heated room from 0 to 20 °C in one hour;
  • heat is not lost through the pipes and chimney;
  • direct radiation, i.e. direct heating heat;
  • long-term fire, i.e. long-term heating;
  • extremely easy to use thanks to precise regulation;
  • ash is removed or cleaned only after a few weeks, with some models only after a few months, and for holiday burning only once a year;
  • warm air goes down, so it spreads the heat horizontally;
  • minimal fuel consumption;
  • we can use larger pieces of wood;
  • installation is very easy, as the fireplaces are freestanding;

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