3 & 5- Axis Milling / CAD & CAM Programming

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One of our primary activities is custom CNC machining. We are able to boast 5-axis and 3-axis machining products. We offer you work pieces milling in larger and smaller series.

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Our years of experience, knowledge, teamwork, process control, high-tech CAD/CAM systems, CNC hardware and trained professional team are ensuring the quality of our work and products. The company carries out the development, projecting and production of hardware and that is why we have modern equipment that is necessary for complex engineering. Computer assisted construction design and 3D modelling with the latest software tools provides an effective transfer of ideas from the development department through its own production to the end user.


Software and CAD formats in planning:

– 2D / ME10 / .mi – .dxf .igs .dwg

– 3D / Solid Edge / .dft .par .asm – .igs .dxf

– 3D / I-DEAS / .mf – .igs .step .unv .set .dxf

– 3D / Unigraphics / .step – .prt .igs .dxf . dwg

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