BIGFoot Pro Direct Drive HR

Tumaker BIGFoot Pro
Direct Drive HR


We present the range of Tumaker BIGFoot Direct Drive HR 3D Printers (Direct Extrusion of flexible materials). Under the seal of quality that supports all Tumaker products, this large format 3D printer takes reliability and efficiency to the next level. An innovation never seen before in 3D printing. Experience the best possible performance when it comes to flexible filament 3D printing.

Optimized Large Format 3D Printer

The BIGFoot Pro Direct Drive HR was created by and for additive manufacturing. Robust, reliable, and compact hardware that boosts productivity; accompanied by professional software designed to carry out the best printing. This range of 3D printers has different print volumes to get the machine that best suits your needs. With the same 500 x 470mm print bed, you can choose between the large format printer with a height of 200mm, the one with a height of 350mm, and the larger model of the BIGFoot Pro Direct Drive HR, with a height of 500mm.


Versatility and performance

Professional software to do More and Better.


Simplify3D professional manufacturing software is one of the most advanced on the market. The Tumaker BIGFoot Pro Direct Drive HR includes a perpetual license for it. Because a professional large format printer is only conceived using software that is up to the task. Thanks to Simplify3D, we will obtain more complex productions and higher-quality resolutions. This 3D software facilitates the creation of more advanced supports, easy to remove, and with global optimization of printing times. An intuitive, visually simple software that will help you increase the productivity of your systems. The only software on the market that offers you comprehensive management of your projects.



Materials: (TPU HARDNESS +) – (PETG FP) .- (PVA ULTRA) – (PLA Recycled) – (PLA Crystal) – (TPU CF) – (HIPS) – (PVA)- (PC) – (R-PET) – (PLA Silk) – (PET CF) – (PP) – (PP SUPPORT) – (PA CF) – (ASA) – (PETG) – (PLA 3D850 – (PA HT) – (PETG MDT) – (PLA 3D870) – (FLEX 93A) – (ABS) – (FLEX 98A) – (Glace) – (Medical) – (ABS FP) – (PP GF) – (Nylstrong)
Feeder Type: EMAXX Dual Extruder
Print Core Replacement: Fast Change DART ANS
Printing speed: Depends on parameters

Nozzle diameter: 0.15 – 0.25 – 0.4 – 0.6 – 0.8 mm
Extruder maximum temperature: 300ºC

Layer Resolution: 10µm
Maximum layer size:

  • 0.15 nozzle: 0,05 mm
  • 0.25 nozzle: 0,16 mm
  • 0,4 nozzle: 0.43 mm
  • 0,6 nozzle: 0,48 mm
  • 0.8 nozzle: 0.6 mm

Warm bed
Heated bed maximum temperature: 100ºC
Bed leveling: Automatic
Ambient temperature for printing: 10º-35ºC (optimal 20ºC)

Smart power management
Power level: 950W
Noise level: 44dB
(door closed, 40dB)

Screen: Yes, 5″ color touch
Control devices: PC, tablet, Smartphone
Control mode: Web or SD card

Simplify3D professional software

connected to the internet
Connectivity: Wifi, MicroSD

1-year limited warranty