3D Measurments

We offer professional 3D measurements of components using advanced CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) machine.

CMM is a device utilized for precision measurement of three-dimensional geometric properties of objects. Typically employing probing or optical measurement, CMM collects data points on the surface of an object, and utilizes this information to determine the dimensions, shapes, and positions of the object in three-dimensional space. CMM finds frequent application in the industry to ensure the accuracy and quality of products.

In the video below, we have prepared for you an example of the effective “symbiosis” of the professional 3d scanner Simscan and the top software for inspection and reverse engineering Verisurf. Our team successfully used this combination of tools to obtain accurate model deviation results on a very large shiny metal object – in just 30 minutes.
Simscan ensures fast and accurate 3D data capture, even on the most demanding surfaces, and the advanced automation of measurement protocols in Verisurf provides a report with just a few clicks.
The combination of Simscan and Verisurf undoubtedly provides a competitive advantage in inspection, reverse engineering, optimization, time and cost reduction, and increased accuracy in manufacturing.
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